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"God Laughs" by Sandy Kay Slawson-A Poem inspired by Psalm 37

God Laughs

by Sandy Kay Slawson

At first I trembled at the bared teeth of the evil ones,

But then I felt His presence at my right hand.

I heard His laughter.

Now, I laugh with Him. They prance and preen in their pomp and arrogance.

They think they are so wise.

They think they will triumph.

But their lies, tricks and wickedness,

Have been brought into the light.

The Righteous see the wolves under their wooly disguise.

They are fooled no longer,

I am fooled no longer.

Though the evil ones are before me, behind me,

Above me and to the left of me,

I am not afraid anymore.

They are as smoke and will be blown away with the chaff.

The Righteous will walk in peace.

They will remember the wicked no more.

Every tear,

Every wound,

Every pain will be forgotten,

And we will watch the salvation of our Lord.

Do not fret.

Do not fear.

Do not give in and do not give up.

They are nothing before our God.

Those who thrive on hate.

Those who reject His love.

His Son.

Trust in God Almighty and walk in faith.

Our hope is in Jesus the Christ.

The Alpha, Omega, Beginning,

And The End.

Their hope is in themselves.

Their hope is useless.

Whatever taste of victory they gain,

Will not last.

We are Overcomers.

We have God on our side,

And He laughs at the calamity of the wicked.


The above poem was inspired by Psalm 37. I hope you will go read the chapter because it describes better than I ever could what God thinks of the wicked, their demise, and how the Righteous can trust the Lord God to fight for us. To clarify...the Righteous are only righteous because Jesus took our sin on Himself when He died on the cross (yes, He knew about our sin even then) and gave us His righteousness instead when we believed on Him for our salvation, not because we have been righteous on our own.



I am thankful for you all! Your support is very much appreciated. Have a very Happy Monday and a Happy week! May the Lord God bless each of you and your families with faith, hope and love. In Jesus' Name.

In Christ,



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