As many of you know, I am primarily a Christian Historical/Romance fiction writer. Though I have tried to make my blog the best I can for you, my first writing love is my novels. I have 4 novels in the works right now. My first novel, *Hope for Charity, has been going through edits and rewrites for years, but it is growing ever closer to a finished product. I admit, I had much to learn as a writer. Hope for Charity has a sequel I am still in the midst of writing. My second completed manuscript, *Love Lost and Love Found, has been written, but I am in the beginning stages of editing. It also has a sequel I am writing.


As you can see, between those four novels, and the short stories and poems I write for my blog I am stretched thin. Very thin. Because my main focus needs to be on my novels, I am going to cut back on my blog posts to once a month. I enjoy blogging, but it take a lot of time and effort to bring you original poems and stories while making my posts pleasing to the eye. What I want most is to get my books finished and published so you can read them. Also, if you really miss seeing my blogs every other week, you can go back and catch those you may have missed in the past. :) I appreciate your understanding. -Sandy

*Titles are subject to change.