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"For All Of These"-A Thanksgiving Poem

“For All Of These”

by Sandy Kay Slawson

-A Thanksgiving Poem

For childhood days

Spent in oblivious abandon.

For magnolia trees to climb.

A seat on the limb,

I watched the world below me.

For days of freedom,

Bike rides along the beach,

Toes in the sand,

And gentle waves

Crashing around me.

For a Savior who

Took away my shame,

Made me white as snow

By His mercy and His grace.

Jesus fully forgave even me.

For a love so true,

It made sunny days brighter,

Emotions sink deeper,

Dreams reach higher.

Side by side, me became we.

For our first born daughter

And our baby girl.

For our first born son

And our baby boy.

Through these gifts, we became us.

For our children’s spouses,

And grandchildren, too,

Our hearts filled to overflowing,

Each one an answered prayer,

From me to we to us, a growing family.

For childhood days

And true love straight from You,

For saving grace

And answered prayers.

For the laughter of little children

And of children grown.

For all of these,

Gracious Father,

Our hearts are grateful.

For all of these, we give thanks,

In Jesus’ Name.

Yes, in Jesus’ Name.



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