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Celebrating Christmas

Welcome to my brand spankin' new website! I am still learning the ropes here, so bear with me. That's what my site is all about, though. My journey from a stay-at -home-mom-writer -wannabe to a published Author. Since I made the decision to become a serious Writer, I have been growing as a person and learning new things I never knew I needed to know. Follow my link below, to read my latest blog post, then head back to the beginning of my journey to see just how far I've come. Thanks for visiting and I hope you will come along for my crazy Homemaker/Writer life.

Happy Birthday, Jesus!

My latest blog post is found here: I hope you will come join me on my journey to Authorship and Beyond.

Don't forget to subscribe and join my site. The more the merrier! Also, I would love to see your comments. What is your favorite Christmas food or tradition? You can read my blog to hear about mine. Bye for now y'all! Take care and God bless.


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