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Very Very Short Stories

I told you last time I'd post a couple of my attempts at flash fiction or very very short stories today. Learning how to catch a readers attention and keep it within a few moments, seems like a pretty good quality for a writer to have. That's one reason why many writers practice their writing using this technique. I hope you enjoy my first efforts in this category of writing.


by Sandy Kay Slawson

She stared out the window with unseeing eyes.

"Go. I don't care. Really you left long ago, didn't you?"

"You'll regret this, Marolyn," he said.

"Will I?" She faced him with fierce determination. "What I regret, is ever letting you stay at all."

The door closed behind him with a slam, which shook the pictures on the wall. She waited several moments for him to return, as he'd done many times before, but the door remained closed and he remained gone.

Turning back to the window, Marolyn placed her hands on the sill holding herself upright as the adrenaline seeped from her pores. The weakness abated, her strength returned and she stood tall. The weight of her no good boyfriend and his lies lifted from her shoulders.

A slow, triumphant smile brightened her face for the first time in months. Relief made the grass in the park across the street greener, the songs of the birds sweeter and the sun shine brighter. Marolyn realized the glint of light which had blinded her for a moment had not come from the sun after all. She searched the area in the park where the flicker had caught her attention.

She saw it again. The light had reflected off metal. Strange. Her smiled dropped. As if in slow motion, she saw her boyfriend's maniacal grin and the blast of fire...of smoke. She felt...One. Split. Second...of regret.

The End

The above flash fiction piece is definitely not my normal style, but that's sort of the point. If I step out of my comfort zone, I may be able to see my writing in a different light which will hopefully illuminate areas where I need improvement.

Three-Legged Debacle

by Sandy Kay Slawson

“Please, Emma, I have to make him notice me somehow.” Kate Everette held a three-foot length of rope out to her friend with one hand, while the other rested fisted on her hip. “Is one three-legged race too much to ask of my best friend?”

Emma crossed her arms over her chest and scowled. “Not when we were ten, but nineteen? We’ll make fools of ourselves in front of the whole town.”

“It will be fun. We’re mighty good at this event.” Kate shook the rope. Her cajoling grin wide.

“We used to be good. It’s been five years since we last competed.”

“One race, that’s all I ask. Kate’s grin fell and her brown eyes pleaded. Emma’s green eyes softened.

“All right, but if I ruin my new dress-“

“I’ll clean it or make you a new one.”

Emma gave a resigned sigh. Kate clapped with glee.

The games announcer hollered. “Choose your partners and take your places. The three-legged race is about to begin.” Kate pulled Emma into position next to the man who’d stolen her heart, unbeknownst to him. Cal Simpson. She took her place on the right, closest to him, her tall, blue-eyed heart's desire. Bending, she tied the rope around her left leg and Emma’s right.

“Hold your petticoat out of the way, Emma. Oh, this blasted hoop.”

“I told you we’re too old for this.”

Kate heard a snicker behind her. She finished her knot, stood and swiveled to see Cal with his fist over his mouth, hiding an obvious grin. For the first time, she reconsidered her tactics. Too late. The shot fired and without another thought, her and Emma were racing ahead of the other five teams.

“We’re winning, Emma! I knew we could.” Not two strides after Kate’s declaration, Emma tripped and the two young ladies tumbled over one another to the ground. The muddy ground.

“My dress,” Emma cried.

“My ankle,” moaned Kate. “I’m sorry. I admit this was a terrible-“

Two black boots appeared in front of Kate. One had the remains of a cut rope still hanging from it. She pushed her ruined Coiffure Caliste out of her eyes. Before her stooped the reason for her loss of senses. Cal.

In his low, deep voice he said, “Did I hear you say you hurt your ankle, Ms. Hudson? I’d be happy to carry you over to the doc.”

Kate bestowed on him her most beautific smile. “Why, yes. How gallant. I’d be utterly indebted, Mr.-?

The End

I hope you enjoyed my little stories. I can't guarantee the grammar is perfect. It's not my strong point, but I would love to get your feedback on the stories themselves. Did they catch your interest quickly? Or at all? Did they keep your interest? Did I give enough information to make them understandable?

I have some more ideas for stories, one which may be a short story that I'll post in installments. I'm still working on Novel one edits, but hopefully you can enjoy some of my short stories or short short stories while you wait for my novel to be published.

I'm so glad you came! Have a Happy Monday and a great week ahead! May the Lord God bless you with faith, hope and love in Jesus' Name.

In Christ,







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