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Sandy's thoughts...

Sandy's thoughts is a place where I can share ideas, inspiration, humor or just my random thought of the day. Join me for little snippets from my over active mind. 

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My best advice to reduce stress for a busy wife/mom, besides Bible reading and prayer...wake up first. -Sandy's thoughts





Sandy's thoughts...3/6/21


Sandy's thoughts...


Self-doubt most definitely can be a writer's enemy. I have yet to meet an author or writer who has not had experience with this. Any person in any field can have these same doubts. Even when my sole focus was on being a wife and mother, I doubted myself. How can we overcome it? We overcome it by realizing no one is perfect and everyone must learn and practice the craft to become our best writer selves or mama selves or whatever we are. Learning, growing and improving is a life-long process and each of these things must be done through prayer, Bible study and seeking the Lord God's will and presence. More than self-confidence we need God-confidence. We can't run ahead and pull Him along behind us. We must have confidence that He will lead us where we need to go to fulfill the purpose He created us for if we follow Jesus, and keep our eyes focused on Him. -Sandy


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