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Sandy Kay Slawson


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About the Author

Sandy Kay Slawson is the Author of Hope for Charity her first Novel, for which she is seeking publication. Hope for Charity is set in 18th century England. She is in the process of writing its sequel, as well. She writes after the fashion of well known and loved Author Julie Klassen. Sandy’s love for Historical Romance began as a youth and has only grown through her lifetime. Her passion for reading Christian Historical Romance can only be rivaled by her passion for writing Christian Historical Romance.


Sandy is a romantic at heart. She adores a really great love story. She believes that the first Author of true love and the best love story ever, is the true story of God the Father, when He loved us enough to send His only Son Jesus Christ, to die for our sin. Sandy has enjoyed her own true love story with her husband for thirty-one years. Their love and family have grown over the years, giving Sandy many years to study the meaning of true love.


Sandy has also written her second novel, Love Lost and Love Found, and it is in the early stages of editing. This story is set in late 19th century Michigan, America , Alaska and Dawson City, Canada. Its sequel is still being written.


Besides her novels, she writes a blog, poems, short stories and the occasional song. She believes the Lord God put this need to write in her heart and she wants to use it to point the world to Jesus. If you don't know Jesus Christ as your personal Savior, she would be happy to tell you about His grace, mercy and love that changed her life.