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Welcome to my official website. As a Christian writer, it's my goal to honor and glorify our Creator, the Lord Jesus, by using the gift of creativity He's given me. You never know where my imagination may lead you. From 18th century North Yorkshire, England to the Yukon valley in the 19th century, and anywhere in between. You may laugh, you may cry and maybe, just maybe, you'll hold a piece of it in your heart, when you go. I'm so glad you're here, and hope you'll visit often.


"The Peace Maker"

by Sandy Kay Slawson

"Peace in the middle,

Of the storm.

Peace when life,

Crumbles around you.

Peace when sickness,

Steals your health,

Or the health of someone,

You love.

Peace in the face,

Of Hate..."


Sandy's thoughts is a place where I share ideas, inspiration, humor or just my random thought of the day. Join me on my Sandy's thoughts page for little snippets from my mind. 

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