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The Christian Life-"Meekness is more," a poem inspired by Matthew 5:5.

Welcome to the third post in my Beatitudes Poem Series. Today, I share a poem inspired by Matthew 5:5. If you missed last week's poem about mourning, here is the link.

"Meekness Is More"

by Sandy Kay Slawson

Blessed are the meek,

For they shall inherit the earth.

The weak?


It takes great strength,

to hold one's tongue.

To have self-control. Yes, great strength,

To submit.

To submit,

Your opinion, your understanding,

Your education,

Your self-reliance.


Meekness is not fear.

Meekness is trust.

Not in oneself,

But in God above.

Meekness is not about,

The outward show,

Or how one hide's their true feelings.

Might one give in,

Give up,

Be quiet,

Lay down his or her own will,

And not be meek?


Meekness is a matter of the heart.

Anger is not meek.

Bitterness is not meek.

Pride is not meek.

Meekness is more.

Much, much more.

Meekness is trusting God,

To fight your battles.

Meekness is obedience,

When you don't understand.

Meekness is recognizing your own,

Limited knowledge of God's greater purpose,

and plan.

Meekness is more than a quiet,

Shy, reluctant, obedient facade.

Meekness is more.

So much more.

And the meek shall inherit the earth.

Jesus gave us the example of meekness...


I hope today's poem blessed you and maybe even convicted you, as it did me. The more I learn, the farther I seem to be from where I need to be. But praise God, I'm still His child and better off than before He saved me.


Have a Happy Monday and a great week! May the Lord God bless you and your families with Faith, Hope and Love. In Jesus' Name.

In Christ,






I Appreciate You!!

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