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The Christian Life-Comfort For Those Who Mourn: A Poem Inspired by Matthew 5:4.

This is the second poem of my new series of poems inspired by the Beatitudes. The first poem in my series, "Nothing," starts with the first Beatitude in Matthew 5:3. The second Beatitude is found in Matthew 5:4.


I write free style poetry. I don't follow any specific rules. My poetry is written the way I feel it. It comes from my heart. This particular poem I'm about to share snagged me for awhile, until I realized I was trying to tell about the verse. It did not work. It was only when I began to pray that the words flowed. I hope this poem blesses you as much as it blessed me.


by Sandy Kay Slawson

"My heart cries out, O Lord.

I mourn over sin.





I cry for relief,

For deliverence,

For forgiveness,

For hope.

I cry over the depth of our decline.

Our depravity,

Our denial.

Why have we loved darkness over light?

Over You, O Lord?

Wash me and I shall be clean.

Turn me from my wicked ways.

Turn me to You.

May I ever walk in Your ways.

In Your light.

Comfort me, O Lord,

By Your Holy Spirit.

Turn my mourning into laughter.

Take my sorrow,

And give me joy.

Cleanse me from every sin,

And give me peace.

Your peace.

Your joy.

Your laughter.

I mourn over sin.

I mourn, but You comfort me.

Yes, and I shall be comforted."

Are you grieved over sin? Truly, heart broken over sin? Your sin? Every Christian should be. As I said last time, the Beatitudes must be part of a Christian's life. Constantly. But, as we grow in our walk with the Lord, so do our Beatitudes become more real and more pronounced within us. Godly sorrow or godly mourning produces repentance. If you've never turned from your sin and trusted Jesus Christ. I urge you to pray and ask the Lord to reveal truth to you even now through His Word the Holy Bible.

Happy Monday and may your week be filled with joy. May the Lord God bless you and your families with Faith, Hope and Love. In Jesus' Name.

In Christ,






I Appreciate You!!

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